Left Ahead Band

Left Ahead are a three piece post-punk/alt-rock band from Hull. They have been described as sticking together the best parts of early Manics with the aggro snarl of classic Dead Kennedys.

Left Ahead are part of Hull's New Breed collective (an offshoot of Warren Records) and will soon be releasing their second EP.

Rudy Miller of Left Ahead band
Ashley Forrester and Rudy Miller of Left Ahead band
Jack Newman of Left Ahead band
Left Ahead Audience

Review of Left Ahead live (Browse Magazine)

"Once Paul Jacko decided to open up Left Ahead soon took to the stage. Heavily involved in the worthy anti-austerity movement 'We Shall Overcome' this three piece band delivered a fine set heavily laden with political statement, including 'G.O.O.' dedicated to our Robin Hood like Chancellor. They played 'Hide', one of my favourites with a Banshee style backing overlaid with Ash's spoken lyrics. One of the Hull's New Breed stable spawned from The Warren, they recounted the tale of another of Dave's farmyard friends in 'Rebekah and her horse' complete with sound effects from coconut shells. Obviously been down to Hull Fair. They ended with a storming 'Kicking The Walls In' to the appreciation of a growing crowd"