Left Ahead Band
Left Ahead!

Left Ahead are a three piece punk/rock/agitprop band from the murky depths of a northern post-industrial town. Fuelled by anger at current politics and society they have decided to make a racket about it. The band have been described as sticking together the best parts of early Manics with the aggro snarl of classic Dead Kennedys.

Left Ahead are part of Hull's New Breed collective (an offshoot of Warren Records) and have recently released their EP, Dancing In Hell.

Rudy Miller of Left Ahead band
Ashley Forrester and Rudy Miller of Left Ahead band
Jack Newman of Left Ahead band

Left Ahead would like to thank Nelly Naylor for the photography.

"Hailing from Hull, Left Ahead are one of the UK’s most dynamic punk rocks act going right now, and we can thoroughly recommend their new EP – Dancing In Hell"
- Local Music Scene #5 - Ruling Class Crooks